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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Housing the Battery - Pg. 333

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 10.38: The foam-lined motor enclosure. Not yet installed: two layers of lead sheet and another layer of foam. Seriously, the motor is really freakin' noisy. Figure 10.40: The fitted battery compartment. Or so I thought. Figure 10.39: See, it's not so bad, once you've sheathed it in brass shim stock. Figure 10.41: Dang. Figure 10.42: Double dang. Measure twice, cut once, kids. Don't be an idiot like Uncle Kaden. Fortunately, a solution was easy to improvise. I dre- melled off the offending solder tabs, sanded away the plastic body of the clip to expose enough bare metal on the clip terminals for a good solder connection, then shrink-tubed the modified battery clip to within an inch of its life. [Figure 10.43] I ended up with about 1 / 64 " clearance, and the sense of relief was palpable. The cats came out of hiding. Order was restored to the universe in under 10 minutes, and the build resumed. [Figure 10.44] Cripes, it's getting crowded under the hood. See what I mean about the eternal struggle between form and function? The battery enclosure and noise shield may not be pretty, but they work. [Figure 10.45] 322