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Chapter 10. Hammerhead Live: > Refining the Pin Drum - Pg. 325

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 10.23: Hold a fine-tipped Sharpie in position, rotate the pin drum smoothly, and Bob's yer uncle. Figure 10.24: T'ain't nothin' fancy: just a tight, solid frame to cradle the pipe and hold it in position. It clamps onto the base of my weensy-ass little drill press and lets me rotate each punch point into position under the bit without losing alignment. Doctor, sharpen up at the halfway point of the drillout. If not, switch to a new bit. To briefly recap: Yes, drill bits get dull. Yes, it makes a differ- ence. No, there isn't an easy way to sharpen them by hand. Neither are there a great many options available to non- machinists for machine sharpening them accurately. After about an hour of painstakin' hole-makin' you'll be , finished, and relieved the task is behind you. Now pull out your tap and die set and cut ¼-20 threads into every last one of those holes you just drilled. Take your time and get 'em nice and straight. Tapping a hole in a curved surface is a bit of a challenge. I'll wait. Woo freakin' hoo. That didn't take long did it? Okay. So it did take a long time. And your hands hurt from crankin' on that damned tap wrench. And you've got a flake of copper in your shoe and that hurts too. But you finished the job, you brave little soldier. I'm proud of you. Now smooth out the surface of the drum with emery cloth and give it a quick rubdown with steel wool. Thread the ¼-20 threaded rod through the drum, centering the length. Lock it in place with a lockwasher and nut at each end, then slide on the pillow blocks. Secure the pillow blocks on the axle with a washer and nut on one end and a washer and the T-nut equipped drive pulley on the other end. Secure the drive pulley with a lockwasher and another nut, and you should have something that closely resembles the illustra- tion. [Figure 10.26] Tack the pillow blocks down on a scrap of plywood and make sure the assembly spins easily; if it does, celebrate with a cocktail and a moment of frenzied air drumming. If it doesn't, find out why, and fix it. Once again, I'll wait. 314