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Chapter 5. DeskBeam Bass: > The Headstock & Tailpiece: Bits of Aluminum with Ho... - Pg. 155

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle ibility in the size of desk that a given set of strings could be installed on and to give some leeway to compensate for the inevitability of string stretching. [Figure 05.15] The wings of the wingnuts need a bit taken off the sides to reduce the overall width to somewhere less than 3 / 4 ". The string spacing of the DeskBeam is 3 / 4 ", primarily to make it easier to fabricate. The nuts used to tension the strings have to be less than 3 / 4 " wide, for obvious reasons. Rather than mucking about fabricating knurled thumbwheels, I just mutilated off-the-shelf wingnuts to get what I needed. [Figure 05.16] The fact that this makes the wingnuts look less like a Disneyland souvenir and more like little Viking helmets is an unexpected bonus. Because Vikings are cooler than both pirates and ninjas. The T-nuts are modified from their original non-Euclidean footprint to be essentially rectangular; thinning both the top and bottom faces lets the T-nut pass under the top lip of the tailpiece angle for those moments of X-Treme Tuning. [Figure 05.17] I filed off the hex of the string attachment acorn nuts, then reduced the overall diameter of the nuts on a bench grinder;