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Eccentric Cubicle by Kaden Harris Copyright © 2007 O'Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Published by Make:Books, an imprint of Maker Media, a division of O'Reilly Media, Inc., 1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472. O'Reilly books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use. For more information, contact our corporate/institutional sales department: 800-998-9938 or Print History October 2007 First Edition Publisher: Dale Dougherty Associate Publisher and Executive Editor: Dan Woods Editor: Tom Sgouros Copy Editor: Nancy Kotary Creative Director: Daniel Carter Designer: Anne Mellinger Production Manager: Terry Bronson Indexer: Patti Schiendelman Cover Photograph: Kaden Harris Author Photograph: Kaia "The Sourceress" Howe The O'Reilly logo is a registered trademark of O'Reilly Media, Inc. The MAKE: Projects series designations, Eccentric Cubicle, and related trade dress are trademarks of O'Reilly Media, Inc. Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and O'Reilly Media, Inc. was aware of the trademark claim, the designations have been printed in caps or initial caps. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher and authors assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Please note: Technology, and the laws and limitations imposed by manufacturers and content owners, are constantly changing. Thus, some of the projects described may not work, may be inconsistent with current laws or user agreements, or may damage or adversely affect some equipment. Your safety is your own responsibility, including proper use of equipment and safety gear, and determining whether you have adequate skill and experience. Power tools, electricity, and other resources used for these projects are dangerous unless used properly and with adequate precautions, including safety gear. Some illustrative photos do not depict safety precautions or equipment, in order to show the project steps more clearly. These projects are not intended for use by children. Use of the instructions and suggestions in Eccentric Cublicle is at your own risk. O'Reilly Media, Inc., disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities comply with applicable laws, including copyright. ISBN-10: 0-596-51054-3 ISBN-13: 978-0-596-51054-1