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Chapter 3. BallistaMail > Foreign Words: Fabricating the Epizygis and Modiolus - Pg. 79

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Foreign Words: Fabricating the Epizygis and Modiolus The traditional tensioning mechanism for skeins consists of components with names like epizygis (lever) and modiolus (washer). Now that you know the names, we can all cease to refer to them. Washer is easy enough to deal with. Pictured are four honkin' big ones dug up at Capital Salvage: brass, 1 / 8 " x 2 1 / 2 ", with a 1" hole. Origin? Beats the hell outta me, but similarly sized items are readily available in galvanized steel, which is actually the more suitable (read "stronger") choice. [Figure 03.33, Figure 03.34] Figure 03.33: Four honkin' big brass washers, soon to be four honkin' big modioli. Back to the epizygis/modiolus 4 assemblies. You need four of 'em: top and bottom, left and right. The modioli have equally spaced holes around them, tapped to accept threaded rod posts to lock the epizygis in position after the skein's been torqued up. Drill out the skein tension retainer holes in the oversized washers to 13 / 64 ". They're spaced 60