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Chapter 3. BallistaMail > Foreign Words: Fabricating the Epizygis and Modiolus - Pg. 98

Ballista Mail to accommodate the mechanical requirements, given that I was cutting the struts from a piece of scrap plate a little over 2" x 5". If you've followed along with any degree of accuracy, it shouldn't be hard to find a spot for the tripod mounting bolt hole that will provide a reasonably balanced mechanism with about 55 degrees of vertical movement. Use a length of 1 / 4 -20 threaded rod and two thumbscrews or wingnuts to mount the body to the 'pod. 8 Here are the bits that comprize the 'pod, post woodfinishing. If you assemble the 'pod first, you'll have something to hold the main body of the ballista while you complete final assembly. [Figure 03.87] The (optional) brass plate attaches to the leg block with four 1 / 2 " 6-32 machine screws, then it's just a matter of threading the pan/tilt block onto the bolt and bushing as shown. [Figure 03.88] I padded the bottom face of the block with a craft felt slip 8 It has four legs, so we can't call it a tripod, can we? Dang. Tetrapod sounds like a juice container, and quadrapod sounds like it refers to alien