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Chapter 3. BallistaMail > Foreign Words: Fabricating the Epizygis and Modiolus - Pg. 87

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle screws, nuts, and washers for assembly. Total weight, about 7 pounds. I shudder to think of the surface area represented. Adopt a realistic benchmark for metal polishing right from the start, or you'll develop a nasty obsessive-compulsive jones in no time flat. For the record, it took me two freakin' 11-hour days to get a reasonable buff job applied to that lot in the photograph. Holy Toledo! You're looking at damned useful things in the next figure: brass valve stems intended for use on particularly manly commercial vehicles. Pictured are French-made Schrader clamp-in stems. I got a handful of used ones at a tire repair shop for $5 and a cup of coffee; they were destined for recycling. I've since seen them advertised at online auction sites for around $1.50 a pop. There's 6" of thick-walled 5 / 16 " OD brass tubing extending at a right angle from the base flange; the base is threaded internally to 1 / 4 -20, and the chromed washer thingie that forms the flange rotates freely. The open end is threaded internally to accept a standard tire valve core, and externally to accept whatever flavour of pimped-out valve cap you wanna dress your ride with. [Figure 03.57] Yo.