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Chapter 3. BallistaMail > BallistaMail - Pg. 65

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 03.02: The oh-so sophisticated Art Deco­ influenced ballista and bring BallistaMail to cube farm communications. Mail server down? Need to get that expense account requisition 1 In 1934, German expatriate Gerhard Zucker conducted the United Kingdom's first experiment in rocket mail, using a small gunpowder- fueled rocket in an attempt to launch 1,200 letters from one Hebridean island to another. It blew up. A few months later, Stephen Smith, an official of the Indian Airmail Society attempted much the same thing in (you guessed it) India. Surprisingly, it did not blow up. Over the next few years hundreds of rocketmail launches were successfully completed in India. Then they stopped. Arthur E. Summerfield was U.S. Postmaster General in 1959, when the submarine USS Barbaro successfully delivered ship-to-shore "missile mail" via a denuked Regulus guided missile. Summerfield was effusive in Figure 03.01: A more-or-less traditionally styled ballista his praise of the endeavour, declaring it to be of "historic significance to the peoples of the entire world." Shortly afterwards, they stopped too. 54