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Chapter 3. BallistaMail > Foreign Words: Fabricating the Epizygis and Modiolus - Pg. 101

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Figure 03.95: Bod on 'pod: final assembly begins. It's about bloody time. As tempting as it may be to drop the top skein rack plate into position next, you'd better attach the guide rails and pulley first. Use #6 round-head wood screws. [Figure 03.96 , Figure 03.97] Now position the top skein rack plate, and bolt the rack together with 1 / 4 -20 threaded rod running through the support tubes, terminated in washers and nuts. [Figure 03.98] Assemble the windlass, using a few drops of thread-locker to glue handle/axle threads and the knob screw. [Figure 03.99] Install the ratchet pawl with a 1 / 2 " 8-32 machine screw, using a #8 washer to stand the pawl off from the body of the ballista. If you're pondering what spring to use on the pawl, consider, if you will, the humble ballpoint pen as a potential source. Stringing the Skeins Hot damn, kids: it's time to string the skeins. You can make a foot-long needle with a large-scale eye to accomplish the task by flattening out one end of a length of 1 / 8 " brass rod with a hammer and anvil and meticulously forming the eye with a dremel and needle files, or you can cheat and tape the string to the rod with electrical tape. [Figure 03.100] NOTE: Don't make no nevermind to me. Figure 03.96: Strut supports and support struts positioned 90