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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > The Pulley - Pg. 47

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle As shown, clamp your weight box into a vise for stability. As an added bonus, the vise jaws act as a heat sink and draw off some of the heat of the metal, which helps prevent scorching. Wear appropriate protective equipment, and take the job seriously. You've seen that guy on the talk shows flipping molten lead out of the crucible with his bare hands? You're not him. Don't be stupid. Once you've weighted the box, glue and brad the top in place and put it aside for final finishing. The Pulley We need a pulley to guide the cord used to raise the blade into "armed 'n' dangerous mode." Fortunately, this is another dead- simple bodge. I've previously used as many as four pulleys on a guillotine, resulting in picturesque but needlessly complex rigging. In this case, we're using a single honkin' big one to get the job done. Now, your basic retail pulley is somewhat of a cipher: often elusive, usually priced like it's made of precious metal, and rarely stylin' in any way, shape or form. If the sourcing deities smile on you in the form of a suitable