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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > The Prebuild Pep Talk - Pg. 35

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle Given the "cubicle-friendly" mandate of this series of projects, the footprint of each individual unit is an obvious concern. It's a foregone conclusion that desktop real estate is always in short supply. We're going to approach this design exercise from a decidedly minimalist direction and get all postmodern with the bed, cantilevering support for it up from the circular base assembly. It was a bit of a balancing act getting the center of gravity to cooperate with the minimalist footprint, but the result is actually quite slick. Or not. We're working on our improvisational skills, so feel free to redesign/respec on the fly. The Prebuild Pep Talk You don't need to be "good with wood" to complete this build, although it may help somewhat. My personal approach to traditional woodworking is oblique at best, but as with most things, common sense and adaptable basic skills go a long way towards bridging the gap towards competency. Human Resources people treat my résumé like it's toxic. I've worked in an ambitious number of fields. After you've learned the tricks of enough trades, you start to recognize basic skills and practices that are valuable -- regardless of the actual endeavour. If you have these, you can build this project. If you don't have these basic skills, learn them real soon. 1. Protect yourself. What You Need Here's your shopping list: You'll need some hardwood. If you have a table saw or a band saw, you can rip everything you need from 2 feet of 1" x 6" clear (knot-free) maple, which should set you back less than a sawbuck at your local lumberyard. If you're of an "alternative sourcing" bent, you're looking for a chunk of solid hardwood -- veneer over MDF ain't gonna cut it. Softwood won't do