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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > Assembly - Pg. 59

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle If I were you, I'd head out for a cocktail while this particular glue-up is setting. There's a character-building experience looming on the horizon. When the clamps come off, the fiesta begins. Drill out the holes in the pegboard/MDF sheet that you just laminated to a depth of 3 / 4 " with a 1 / 4 " bit in the chuck. A drill press looks like a much more attractive purchase right now, doesn't it? In this example, use a 1 / 4 -20 T-nut with a 5 / 16 " OD and a toothed shoulder. Drill the hole, set the nut with a quick squeeze in the vise or a solid whack with a rubber mallet, and you've just made yourself one of them IKEA höle thingies. In this instance, we're using the T-nuts to make vise mechanisms that'll be repositionable anywhere on the surface of the pegboard. [Figure N2.03] Chuck your 5 / 16 " bit, then find and mark the T-nut holes as indicated. [Figure N2.04] While you've got the bit in the chuck, drill to a 3 / 8 " depth dead center on one face of each of your 1" x 1" pieces to act as a receiver for the threaded rod. [Figure N2.05]