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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > Assembly - Pg. 58

Nano Project 2 part, pretty loose. As long as you get your base right angle accurate and pin spacing in the ballpark, everything else flexes to accommodate the gig. My basic kit is about 20" x 11". It's what I happened to have on the top of the wood crib when I went looking for supplies. You need identically dimensioned pegboard and 3 4 " MDF for your base, and some smaller squares of MDF / for positioning blocks. I also cut a 6" diameter circle, a 30/60/90 triangle, and a 45/45/90 triangle, all of which are useful angles to have at your disposal. The 1" x 1" is cut to workable lengths. I started out with mostly 8" and 4" lengths, plus two pieces long enough to give me a nice, solid right angle permanently attached to the base, and a dozen 1" x 1"s for "jaws." You want all the exposed wooden surfaces to be glue- resistant, else jig and jiggee become one during use. Enamel