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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > Assembly - Pg. 57

MAKE: PROJECTS Eccentric Cubicle < Nano-Project > Clamping Jig Construction Set T his is probably the most useful two hours of shop time you're going to spend this year. Jigs are our friends, and they're easy friends to make. What we're doing here is kinda like a breadboard clamping system, using reinforced pegboard as a "breadboard," with movable stop blocks and vise components made using threaded rod and T-nuts. We're just doing the very basics: once you get a feel for the overall Zen of the system, you'll be cobbling together your own jigwidgets, jiggadgets, and jiggewgaws for it at the drop of a hat. Get at least a dozen. · 1 / 4 -20 threaded rod They sell it in 3-foot lengths. Get three or four lengths; it's really handy stuff. · · 15 64 / 5 / 16 " drill bit " drill bit · 1 / 4 " drill bit · A few clamps Well, more than a few. But not a lot. · A hacksaw · Needle files Most of the quantities I'm leaving up to you. This is an open-ended system that can expand indefinitely if you let it. I'm reproducing here what I started out with when I first prototyped the idea; you'll find yourself adding new fittings all the time as you adapt the kit to each new project. The beauty of this design is that the tolerances are, for the most Here's what you need: · Pegboard Say 1' x 2' ft. You can always go large later. · " MDF Ditto, plus some scraps to cut stop blocks. 1 / 4 · Scrap wood about 1"x 1" At least 6' of it. Solid wood, please. Plywood isn't up to the task. · 1 / 4 -20 T-nuts 46