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Chapter 2. Active Deskchop: > The Build - Pg. 40

Active Deskchop Figure 02.06: Guide blocks + kugihiki = symmetrical slat cutting fiesta time. saw blade moving at 5200 RPM. I'm a reckless daredevil who'll do anything for a good picture. Don't try this at home. Notice the featherboard on the lefthand side of the blade. It's there to hold the stock stable during the cut. They're easy enough to make, and because I am a pleasant and amenable fellow, I have conveniently included a short tutorial on the subject at the end of the next chapter. I have mine clamped onto the sliding miter table on my table saw, which is apparently a feature found only on one manufacturer's machines. Everyone else can just C-clamp the 'board onto the deck of the saw. Let's rough this out slowly. After ripping 1 / 2 " from either side to clean up the edges, I'm left with a 3 3 / 4 " x 7 8 " x 45" / plank. I set the fence at 3 / 4 ", make a cut, then run the resulting stick of wood through the saw again -- now rotated 90 degrees around the short axis, giving me a nicely dressed 3 / 4 " x 3 / 4 " piece of stock. The trestle risers and cross piece are cut to dimension as/per the cutting diagram, either on your table saw, or with a mitering saw, or a miter box and handsaw. Use the most accurate one in the house: the 45s you're cutting here are the important cut of the whole project.