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Part III: Home Security > Keyless Entry Welcome Home

Chapter 11. Keyless Entry Welcome Home

What You Need
  • Kwikset TitanOne keyless remote deadbolt

  • X10 SlimLine keychain remote

  • X10 plug-in RF base

  • X10 lamp modules or wall switches (optional, and as many as you need)

  • X10 CM11A PC interface (optional)

  • Soldering iron with solder

  • 2 solid-state relays

  • 2 electro-mechanical micro relays

For a list of specific parts used in this project, refer to Exhibit A at the end of this chapter.

For quite some time people have been able to unlock their cars without the use of a key. At first, it was a keypad embedded in the door that you would use to enter a numeric secret code. Later on, cars began to come equipped with an RF receiver that responded to a small keychain remote to unlock the doors. That feature is nearly ubiquitous these days—just about every new car comes with keyless remote entry as a standard feature.

And unlocking the door is usually only part of the story. Cars with these systems also typically offer a host of other convenience features. Some cars beep the horn to let you know that they're locked; some flash the headlights to help you find them in a parking lot; and most turn on the interior light so you can easily find the ignition.

So why hasn't this technology hit home—literally? Why do I still need to use a key to get into my house? There are some keyless remote entry systems available on the market, but getting any special features requires you to purchase expensive proprietary systems. It would be nice if I could extend an existing system to send X10 signals. Take a look at Figure 11-1 and you'll see that that's just what I did.

Figure 11-1. Conceptual diagram of the keyless remote access system with convenience features.



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