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Chapter 9. Create Time-Shifted FM Radio > Audio Playback - Pg. 187

Audio Playback Audio Playback In this phase, you'll configure your computer to log in automatically, and verify that your audio player of choice can play your recorded files. Choose an audio player that meets these requirements: · Fits your budget. (Ideally, it's free.) · Can play your chosen audio format. · Can be controlled from a script. · Can play back files that are being actively recorded. · Optionally, provides a graphical interface for easy control when you're sitting at a computer. I chose XMMS because it almost meets all of these requirements. XMMS is an extremely popular player and is included with most Linux distributions, so it's well supported. It's also very extensible, and you can find many dif- ferent plug-ins and skins. This makes it easy to customize. The one requirement XMMS didn't fully meet is the ability to play back files that are being actively recorded. XMMS can do this, but it has some