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Chapter 10. Access Your Entire Media Col... > The Media Player - Pg. 215

The Backing Store The Media Player Any media player that can play files specified as a URL and read WinAMP- style playlists will be fine for this project. Naturally, WinAMP will work, as will XMMS and Windows MediaPlayer. I created this project about three years ago and have been using Windows MediaPlayer to access it all along; Recently, I started using XMMS with equal success. The Backing Store You could get into some very complex stuff with the backing store using a database management system like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). Doing so would allow you to associate all kinds of information with your files; for example, you could add information that would allow you to view songs by genre or decade. However, we're going to keep things simple in this project and use a "database" that will be easy to access and understand--your filesystem. Using your filesystem as your backing store offers the advantage of simplicity at the expense of imposing some restrictions on how you view your library.