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Appendix A.  Shortcuts and Functions - Pg. 174

174 Chapter 6 USING ADVANCED FEATURES To copy files and applications to the iPod, mount the iPod as a disk, as described earlier in this chapter. To install a custom version of OS X on your iPod, follow these steps: 1. Insert your Mac OS X installation CD into your Mac, and restart the Mac with the installation CD while holding down the C key to start the com- puter from the CD. 2. Follow the directions to start up the installation process. 3. When you are asked to select a destination, choose the iPod. Do not use the option to erase and format the hard disk, because the iPod can't be erased and formatted this way. 4. Specify a custom installation rather than a standard installation, so that you don't use up too much iPod disk space. 5. In the custom installation section, choose only the languages you need. These language options take up a lot of space and you probably won't need them in emergencies. 6. After installation finishes and the computer restarts from the iPod, con- tinue through the setup procedure, and then use Software Update in System Preferences to update the system on your iPod with the updates released after the date of your installation CDs. Now, if your Mac does not start up properly, connect your iPod with its backup Mac system to your Mac. As the only other hard disk connected with a system installed, the iPod should start up your Mac with its minimal system. You can then use the Mac Finder to copy files to and from your iPod and any other working hard disks on the Mac. Using Your iPod as a Windows Disk The iPod, as shipped, is formatted as a Macintosh disk. However, when you con- nect it to a Windows-based PC and run the supplied installation software, the iPod is transformed into a Windows-formatted disk. From that point on it can be used only with Windows PCs, unless you convert it back to the Mac format as described in "Switching from Windows to Mac," later in this chapter. Like any hard disk, you can transfer files and applications from your computer to your iPod and take them with you wherever you go. The iPod is smart enough to