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Appendix A.  Shortcuts and Functions

Appendix A. Shortcuts and Functions

Table . MusicMatch Jukebox Keyboard Shortcuts
Function Key Sequence
Play Ctrl + P
Stop Ctrl + S
Pause Pause/Break
Jukebox Settings Ctrl + Shift + S
Open Playlists Ctrl + O
Make Playlist Active Ctrl + F5
Open AutoDJ Ctrl + D
Go to Previous Track Alt + Left Arrow
Go to Next Track Alt + Right Arrow
Increase Volume Alt + Up Arrow
Decrease Volume Alt + Down Arrow
Mute Ctrl + M
Reduce to Mini View Alt + Page Down
Open to Normal View Alt + Page Up
Jukebox on top Ctrl + T
Seek Backward Alt + Shift + Left Arrow
Seek Forward Alt + Shift + Right Arrow

Table . iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts
Key Function
Return Play the selected song
Space bar Stop the currently playing song
Command-right arrow Play the next song in the list
Command-left arrow Play the previous song in the list
Option-right arrow Play the next album in a list
Option-left arrow Play the previous album in a list
Command-up arrow Increase the volume
Command-up arrow Increase the volume
Command-down arrow Decrease the volume
Command-Option-down arrow Mute the volume
Command-E Eject the CD
Option-Delete Delete playlist and its songs from library
Shift-click the Add button Create playlist from selection of songs
Command-click checkbox Check or uncheck all the songs in a list
Command-I Open song info window
Command-L Show the currently playing song in the list
Command-] Go to next page in Music Store
Command-[ Go to previous page in Music Store



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