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Chapter 17. Troubleshooting > Executive Tip Summary

17.11. Executive Tip Summary

  • A soft reset is among the most useful troubleshooting tips you can know—for use when the PalmPilot is frozen. To perform one, insert the unscrewed stylus-cap pin or a straightened paper clip gently into the Reset hole on the back panel until the device turns on again.

  • Carry a paper clip in the battery compartment so you'll be ready to do a soft reset when necessary, or use the unscrewable stylus end-cap.

  • If you think it might be helpful to erase your PalmPilot completely, perform a hard reset. While pressing the power button, push a paper clip or the stylus cap pin into the Reset hole on the back panel. When the message on the screen tells you to do so, press the scroll-up plastic button. Your PalmPilot is now as empty as the day you bought it.

  • If you don't want your PalmPilot to shut off automatically to save battery power, use one of the secret Dot Commands: draw the ShortCut symbol (a lowercase cursive L), a period, and then the number 3. Now the palmtop will only turn off when you actually turn it off yourself. (To restore the auto-off feature, return to the General screen of the Preferences application and choose something, anything, from the "Auto-off after" pop-up menu.)

  • If you're having trouble HotSyncing, the problem is most likely related to fax or modem software or, on Windows, confusion about which COM port the HotSync cradle is attached to.

  • Your information is safe in the PalmPilot for several minutes when the batteries are removed. Even with drained batteries, though, your PalmPilot data is safe for several weeks (even if the PalmPilot won't turn on).

  • Consider rechargeable NiMH batteries if the idea of rechargeables is attractive to you. Avoid NiCads, however; at the end of each charge, they deplete too quickly for your PalmPilot to warn you.

  • If you have a Palm III or later model, $30 buys you 40 percent more RAM in the form of FlashPro, ingenious commercial software from TRG.



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