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Chapter 4. The Four Primary Programs > Executive Tip Summary

4.5. Executive Tip Summary

  • Use the Date Book's Preferences command to control what hours' time slots are displayed in day view. For example, you may prefer to view only the hours from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m.; or you may eliminate all blank time slots from the Date Book's day view by specifying the same hour as the starting and ending times for the day.

  • Press the Date Book plastic button repeatedly to switch among day, week, and month views. Press the To Do, Memo, or Address Book buttons repeatedly to cycle through your different catagories.

  • In week view, tap a gray bar to view its label ("lunch with Harry"). Drag a gray bar to reschedule it. (To reschedule it beyond the bounds of the current week, tap it to enter day view; tap Details; and tap the date to open the calendar date-picker.)

  • In the upper-left corner of any Date Book screen, tap the black tab to see the current time.

  • In day view, just begin writing numbers to set the time for a new appointment, or words to create a new untimed event.

  • To create a "banner" across multiple days in the Date Book, create a repeating daily event.

  • The quickest way to delete an appointment, To Do item, or Memo page is to delete all the text of the item. No menu commands or dialog boxes are required.

  • Prevent a bygone Date Book appointment from being purged by changing it to a repeating event—one that only repeats every 50 years.

  • The Find command searches the current application first—remember that when speed is an issue.

  • If text is highlighted at the moment you tap the Find icon, that text is automatically copied into the Find blank.

  • Whatever telephone number you write in first becomes the telephone number displayed on the Address Book's index listing.

  • To look up a new number in the Address Book without having to delete what you've first written into the Look Up blank, just press the scroll-up or scroll-down button.

  • Every Address Book field can hold more than one line of information. Just keep using the "Return key" Graffiti stroke (a top-to-bottom slash) to insert additional lines within a single field.

  • Each new To Do, Memo, or Address Book item takes on the category assignment of the previous one. (Each new To Do item also inherits the due date and priority of the previously selected one.)

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