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Chapter 8. Palm Desktop: Windows >  Executive Tip Summary

8.9. Executive Tip Summary

  • Palm Desktop is your PC's central clearinghouse for data going to and from your PalmPilot, even if it isn't your regularly scheduled address book/calendar program.

  • In Palm Desktop, you can create new appointments in your Date Book by dragging Address Book names or To Do task items from the lower-right corner of the screen directly onto the day-view display.

  • You can drag an event from the day-view list directly onto a tiny month-view square to reschedule it to a different date.

  • Click a time-slot label at the left side of the day- or week-view display to create a new appointment at that time.

  • Switch among day, week, and month views by pressing D, W, or M along with the Alt key.

  • Create a blank line at the end of each address's data. That translates into a nice blank line after each address when you print out your contact list.

  • In the Edit Event dialog box, each press of the + key sets the time ahead 15 minutes, and the - key sets the time earlier by 15 minutes.

  • When entering new addresses into Palm Desktop, don't bother clicking OK to close the dialog box after finishing each address. Instead, press Alt-N to enter the address and refresh the dialog box to its empty, ready-for-the-next-one condition.

  • Want more features? Every version works with all previous PalmPilot models. Get the latest version of Palm Desktop from Palm's web site.



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