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Chapter 9. Palm Desktop: Macintosh > Executive Tip Summary

9.13. Executive Tip Summary

  • Palm Desktop is your Mac's central clearinghouse for data going to and from your PalmPilot. The easiest way to launch the program is to choose Switch to Palm Desktop from the green Instant Palm Desktop icon at the upper-right of your screen.

  • You can quickly and easily switch Palm Desktop files—if you HotSync multiple PalmPilots to a single Mac, for example—by choosing the names of their aliases that you've stashed in your Apple menu.

  • Create a new appointment by dragging through the appropriate hours in the Palm Desktop calendar; create a new untimed event by double-clicking above the Daily or Weekly time grid; create a new to-do item by double-clicking in an empty spot of the task list in Daily or Weekly views.

  • Switch among day, week, and month views by pressing Command-Shift-D, -W, or -M. Fast-forward or fast-rewind through the days, weeks, or months by pressing Command-right or left arrow; add the Option key to jump a week at a time.

  • In the Edit Event dialog box, pressing + and - adjusts the hour; Shift-plus and Shift-minus adjusts the minute. When specifying a time, furthermore, you can use a period instead of a colon, and you can use military time instead of specifying a.m. or p.m.

  • You can sort any Palm Desktop list—of tasks, addresses, or notes, for example—by clicking a column heading; create a secondary sort by Shift-clicking or Option-clicking a column heading.

  • You can share PalmPilot data with another PalmPilot owner—a family member, for example—by exporting the data, switching Palm Desktop files, then importing that data. That's useful if you want to share, for example, a set of social appointments with your spouse.



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