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9.7. Expense Module

Palm Desktop ignores any data you recorded in the PalmPilot's Expense program, as described in Chapter 5. But the MacPac comes with a clever little program called Informed Filler that turns your expense data into properly totaled and categorized expense reports, ready to print and submit to your boss. Here's how to use it:

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have, in fact, created some expense data on your PalmPilot (see Chapter 5)—and have HotSynced it to your Mac. (Behind the scenes, doing so creates an important file called ExpenseDB.PDB in your Palm Users your name Backups folder. The expense report program consults this file when it creates its report.)

  2. If you got the MacPac on a CD-ROM, such as this book's disk, locate the Palm Extras folder. If you downloaded the MacPac software from the Palm web site, be sure to download the Palm Extras item as well.

  3. Open the Palm Extras folder, open the Shana Corporation folder, and run the Informed Palm Expense Installer.

  4. When the installation process is over, you'll find a new folder on your hard drive called Informed. Open the Informed folder Palm folder. Launch the Expense Creator program.

  5. After the two introductory screens, you arrive at the dialog box shown in Figure 9.13. The important thing here is to help the program find your Palm data file. Click Setup Select, and navigate to your Palm Users folder. Click once on the folder with your name on it, and then click the Select button below the directory list. You return to the Expense Creator dialog box.

    Figure 9.13. The Expense Creator program gives you a great deal of control over the expense reports your Mac generates from the PalmPilot data.

  6. Take a moment to customize your expense report-to-be by clicking each of the buttons at the bottom of this window—Personal, Mileage, Currency, and so on—and setting up the corresponding preferences.

  7. Click Select Template. From the first pop-up menu, specify which of the expense report designs you prefer. (The Preview button shows you what they'll look like.) If you decide to pony up $30 for the advanced version of this program, you'll be offered many more choices of design.

  8. Finally, click the Expense Creation button at the bottom of the screen. Fill in the start and end dates, client name, and any other information you want to appear on the finished expense report. When you click Create Expense Form, the finished expense report appears on your screen, properly categorized and totaled.



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