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Chapter 9. Using the iPod for Images > Viewing Photos on an iPod

Viewing Photos on an iPod

After you have stored photos on an iPod, using any of the methods you learned earlier in this chapter, you can view them using the following steps:

Select Main menu, Photos. You'll see the Photos menu (see Figure 9.5). On this menu, you'll see the photos you have imported to the iPod organized in photo albums if you used a compatible application to import them. If you've imported photos using an iPod Camera Connector, you'll also see the Photo Import option, which leads you to images you have imported from a camera.

Figure 9.5. When I imported photos onto this iPod, I used the iPhoto application, so I see my photo albums on the iPod.

Select the source of the photos you want to view. For example, to view the images in a photo album, select it on the menu. To see all the images on the iPod, select Photo Library. To see images you have imported from a camera, select Photo Import and then select the roll you want to view.

Press the Select button. You'll see thumbnails of all the images in the selected source (see Figure 9.6). The current image will be indicated by a yellow box.

Figure 9.6. Here, I've selected a photo album and can see thumbnails of the images it contains.

Use the Click Wheel to move to the image you want to view.

Press the Select button. The image you selected will fill the iPod's screen (see Figure 9.7).

Figure 9.7. This image is filling the iPod's screen.


When you get to the last photo in the source, pressing the Fast Forward button won't do anything. That's how you know you have seen all the images in the source.

Press the Fast Forward button to view the next image in the source or the Rewind button to view the previous image.

When you are done viewing images in the selected source, press the Menu button to move back to the source's menu and then press Menu again to move back to the Photos menu.



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