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Chapter 12. Maintaining an iPod and Solv... > Identifying and Solving iPod Problem... - Pg. 193

Maintaining an iPod and Solving Problems 193 Identifying and Solving iPod Problems Okay, I admit it. The iPod isn't perfect. Once in a while, it might not act the way you expect it to. Hey, no one or no technology is perfect, after all. In this section, you'll read some information that will help you in the event you do experience prob- lems. Solving iPod Problems Troubleshooting iPod problems isn't all that different from troubleshooting other kinds of problems. First, observe exactly what is happening. Determine what you are doing and how the iPod is re- sponding or not responding, as the case may be. Then, use the information in the following sections to see whether you can solve the problem yourself. Checking the Basics We all do things that can be classified as something less than intelligent once in a while. And using the iPod can result in a few of these events, so use the following list to ensure you haven't done anything to shoot yourself in the foot: · If the iPod won't respond to any controls, make sure the Hold feature isn't active. The Hold feature does just what it is supposed to--it prevents everything from working. It can be rather embar- rassing to panic that your precious iPod has suffered a major failure only to realize that the Hold switch is on. (Of course, you understand that this has never happened to me personally.) If you use a shuffle, press a control; if the status light flashes orange, hold is on. Also on a shuffle, make sure the slider isn't in the Off position.