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Chapter 2. Getting Started with an iPod > Exploring the iPod's Box

Exploring the iPod's Box

The iPod is so cool that even its box is stylish! In this section, you'll learn about the items included in that stylish box and how and where you use them. What you get with an iPod depends on the type and model of iPod you purchased. The following list gives you a general idea of what comes with each type of iPod:

  • The iPod— You probably didn't need this item listed, but I like to be thorough!

  • Installation CD— This CD contains the installer applications you will use to install the iPod's software on your computer.


    If you use an older Macintosh that doesn't support USB 2 devices, you'll need to purchase the Apple iPod Dock Connector to FireWire Cable. You can obtain this cable at the online Apple Store for $19. Even if your Mac does support USB 2, you might want to use FireWire instead because you probably have more USB peripherals than you have available USB ports.

  • Earbud headphones— You can use these to listen to your iPod's music. The sound quality of the earbuds included with your iPod is remarkably good.

  • USB 2 cable— All models except the shuffle include the cable you use to connect the iPod to a computer.

  • AC adapter— Some models include an AC adapter you can use to power the iPod and charge its battery from a wall outlet.

  • Information pamphlets— These provide basic information you can use to get started with your iPod. (Because you have this book already, you might not find these to be very useful.)


    No matter which iPod you have, it is likely you'll want to get some accessories for it, such as a case, an FM transmitter, and so on. You'll learn about some of the more useful accessories later in this part of the book.

  • Accessories— Different iPod models purchased at different times will have different accessories included (did I use different in this sentence enough?). For example, the shuffle comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, while a mini includes a belt clip.



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