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Chapter 16. Building, Browsing, Searchin... > Gathering Your Music from All the Ri...

Gathering Your Music from All the Right Places

If you are going to add music to your Library, you have to get it from somewhere, right? The following are the three main sources of tunes for your Library:

  • Audio CDs— Who wants to bother with audio CDs? Wouldn't it be nice if you could store all the content of your CD collection in one place so you could listen to any music you wanted to at any time just by browsing or doing a quick search? Obviously, that is a loaded question because you already know you can use iTunes to do just that. In this chapter, you'll learn how to copy the music from audio CDs into your Library (as you'll remember from Chapter 13, “Touring iTunes,” this is called importing) so that you never have to use the original CDs again.


    Podcasts are a special type of content similar to broadcast radio except that no broadcasting is involved and you have total control over what you hear (so, I guess it isn't all that similar after all). Some podcasts contain music, but there are a lot more including news, talk, and so on. You'll learn about podcasts in detail in the last section of this chapter.

  • MP3 and other audio files— You can add audio files in just about any format to your Library. For example, there are lots of free and legal MP3 files on the Web that you can add to your own Library. In this chapter, you will learn how to add music to your Library in this way, too.

  • iTunes Music Store— With the iTunes Music Store, you can browse and search among hundreds of thousands of songs. When you find music you like, you can purchase an entire CD's worth of songs or you can buy individual songs (can you say one-hit wonders!). When you buy a song, it is downloaded and added to your iTunes Library. Instead of ordering a CD or, even worse, buying one in a physical store, your music is available to you instantly, and you don't even have to import it. Because the iTunes Music Store is so cool, I have devoted an entire part of this book to it (Part III, “The iTunes Music Store”). In that part, you will see how to build your Library by purchasing music online.



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