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Chapter 18. Playing Games > Playing Games Online - Pg. 211

Playing Games 211 Every game operates a little bit differently. You typically are presented with some type of opening screen, sometimes in the form of an animated movie. Most games let you skip this animation by clicking somewhere (or anywhere) within the movie window. After you get past the opening, you might need to configure various parameters for the game. For example, you might have to choose a user level (try starting with "beginner"), enter your player name, and so on. You should also take this opportunity to read the game's instructions, either onscreen (sometimes via the Help menu) or in an accompanying booklet. Many games let you pause or save games in progress, so if you have to stop for the day, you can start up again tomorrow in the same spot. To save a game, follow the game's specific instructions to save your particular game file--typically by accessing some sort of "save" or "file" menu or func- tion. When you're ready to start playing again, all you have to do is load the previously saved game. This is typically accomplished as the game is loading, or via some type of "resume" or "file" menu. After the game is reloaded, you can resume play exactly where you stopped the day before. tip There are several sites on the Internet that offer PC games you can download to your computer's hard disk--and a lot of them are free! Check out Free Games Net (, Gigex (, and Tucows Games Software (games.tu- Playing Games Online Some of the most fun PC games don't have to be installed on your hard disk. Many sites on the Web offer all sorts of games to play online-- often free. Whether you're looking for a quick game of checkers or an evening-long session of Quake II, you can find dozens of sites to satisfy your craving for action and strategy. You can play most online games by going to a gaming site and clicking the appropriate links. Ev- erything you need to play the game is automatically loaded into your web browser. You'll need to read the instructions first, of course, especially if you need to find an online partner to play a particular game. Don't get too nervous about this; most sites make it extremely easy to play their most popular games.