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Chapter 23. Buying and Selling in eBay A... > eBay Bidding, Step-by-Step - Pg. 254

Buying and Selling in eBay Auctions 254 5. other bids, this bidder will win the auction with a $26 bid. Other potential buyers, however, can place additional bids; unless their maximum bids are more than the current bidder's $40 max- imum, they are informed (by email) that they have been outbid--and the first bidder's current bid is automatically raised to match the new bids (up to the specified maximum bid price). At the conclusion of an auction, eBay informs the high bidder of his or her winning bid. The seller is responsible for contacting the high bidder and arranging payment. When the seller receives the buyer's payment (by check, money order, or credit card), the seller then ships the merchandise directly to the buyer. note Learn even more about eBay auctions in my companion book, Absolute Beginner's