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Chapter 3. The Ultimate Road Warrior > NOTEBOOK PCS - Pg. 65

The Ultimate Road Warrior 65 NOTEBOOK PCS Apple PowerBook G4 If you've ever heard me on the radio or on TV, you know that I'm an Apple fan. So it's no surprise that my favorite laptop is an Apple, in particular the PowerBook G4. I gotta tell ya, Apple knows how to do laptops right. Let's start with the form factor, which is Apple's real forte. The PowerBook is sleek and slim, and looks as good with the case closed as it does in operation. The keyboard has a nice solid feel, and the screen (no matter which size you go with) is bright with a wide viewing angle. It's just a nice- looking machine, no matter how you look at it. Apple offers three sizes of PowerBooks, for different on-the-go needs. The 12'' model packs a lot of power into a case that's just 10.9'' × 8.6'' when closed; at just 4.6 pounds, it's ideal for users who like to travel light. The 15'' model is more of a full-featured business machine, but still thin and relatively light (5.6 pounds). The big 17'' model is a multimedia powerhouse, ideal for watching and editing video movies; it's not as portable as the others, but it's a true desktop replacement machine. All three of the PowerBooks are super-thin, only 1.18'' from top to bottom with the case closed. They all come with 512MB memory and Apple's DVD/CD SuperDrive; depending on the model, you get either a 1.5GHz or 1.67GHz PowerPC G4 processor. Hard disk capacities range from 60GB in the 12'' model to 100GB in the 17'' machine. (And here's something super-neat; the 15'' and 17'' models come with full-size illuminated keyboards!) I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Apples are notoriously easy to use, and not as in- compatible with Windows PCs as you might think. I know lots of folks who use a Windows desktop PC in the office and an Apple PowerBook on the road; it's a workable--and stylish--combination. Model: PowerBook G4 Manufacturer: Apple ( Models: 12-inch Combo Drive (12.1'' screen, 1024 × 768 resolution, 1.5GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 512MB memory, 60GB hard drive, 10.9'' × 8.6'' × 1.18''), 15-inch SuperDrive (15.2'' screen, 1280 × 854 resolution, 1.67GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 512 mem- ory, 80GB hard drive, 13.7'' × 9.5'' × 1.1''), 17-inch SuperDrive (17'' screen, 1440 × 990 resolution, 1.67GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 512MB memory, 100GB hard drive, 15.4'' × 10.2'' × 1.0'') Price: $1,499 (12-inch Combo Drive), $2,299 (15-inch SuperDrive), $2,699 (17-inch SuperDrive)