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Chapter 6. The Ultimate Digital Photogra... > SPECIALTY DIGITAL CAMERAS - Pg. 159

The Ultimate Digital Photographer 159 Olympus Camedia C-8080 Wide Zoom I've always like Olympus's digital cameras, especially their zoom lenses. The C-8080 Wide Zoom has a 5X wide-angle zoom (28­40mm) which, while good, isn't quite as long as some of the other prosumer cameras. That aside, this is a very fast camera, thanks to the TruePic TURBO image processor. This technology decreases the camera's start-up and camera lag time and lets you shoot 1.6 frames per second. You can save your pictures in JPEG or TIFF formats and to xD or Com- pactFlash cards. Model: C-8080 Wide Zoom Manufacturer: Olympus ( Resolution: 8 MP Lens: 5X zoom (28­140mm) Dimensions: 4.9'' × 3.3'' × 3.9'' Weight: 24 oz. Price: $999 SPECIALTY DIGITAL CAMERAS Bonica Sea-Pix Underwater Camera Put a normal digital camera underwater, and the electronics fizzle out. Even if the electronics could be protected, the case would soon implode from the pressure as you take it to greater depths. How, then, do scuba diving photographers take all those cool underwater pictures you see in magazines and such? Underwater photography is possible thanks to specially designed underwater cameras, such as Bonica's Sea-Pix. The Sea-Pix is designed with a waterproof housing that also protects against high levels of water pressure. It also has special larger controls that are easier for a diver to operate underwater. (Just imagine twiddling the knobs and switches on a typical point-and-shoot camera while you're in the water--not bloody likely!)