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SymptomFlowchart or Book SectionSee Page
My printer can't print.Printer Can't Print674
I'm having problems with my scanner.Scanner Problems677
My printer is producing poor-quality output.Print Quality Problems676
My USB printer works great on my Windows XP computer, but doesn't work with Windows 98.USB Printing Issues247
My printer won't display status messages when I use it with a switchbox.Switchbox Issues249
I'm not sure what the best resolution is to use for scanning photos I want to print.Choosing Print-Worthy Images257
When I print pages with a lot of graphics on my laser printer, they have to be ejected, and the page isn't completely printed.Can't Print a Full Page272
Other users on the network can't see my printer.The Sharing Tab280
My inkjet printer has gaps in its output.Cleaning an Inkjet Printer252
My inkjet printer's vertical lines are out of alignment.Correcting Misaligned Printheads260
I'm not sure if Windows can communicate with my printer.Table 4.2287
My document layout doesn't match the printer layout.Table 4.2287
The print ejects pages in reverse order.Table 4.2287
I want to put multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.Table 4.2287
I'm almost out of color ink but I need to print pages anyway.Table 4.2287
I need to print my document on a printer I can't connect to over the network or locally.Table 4.2287
I don't want to waste paper by printing documents that don't match my printer's configuration.Table 4.2287
I cannot select all the features of my printer.Table 4.2287
I want to put different paper/media sizes in the different paper trays of my printer.Table 4.2287
I added additional memory to my laser or LED printer to fix out-of-memory problems, but I'm not sure Windows has detected the additional memory.Table 4.2287
The printer is producing gibberish output.Troubleshooting Gibberish Output290



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