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SymptomFlowchart or Book SectionSee Page
I can't connect to the Internet.Can't Connect to Internet667
Network users can't change or copy files to a shared folder.Can't Access Shared Files672
Some users on the network can't access shared resources.Some Network Users Can't Access Shared Resouces673
I can't download a file from a website.File Download Problems671
I can't open or view a particular web page, although other pages open properly.Web Page Problems670
I can't use email.Email Problems669
I can't view some types of web content.Troubleshooting Missing or Outdated Software Components466
I can't open a secured website.Troubleshooting Problems with Secure Web Sites469
How can I tell if my browser is connecting to a secured website?

Sidebar: Easy Ways to Determine Secured Sites

Some of my favorite websites use Java, but my copy of Internet Explorer doesn't include Java.

Sidebar: With IE, You'll Need to Add Java

The colors used on some web pages are hard to read.Website Viewing Tips and Tricks475
I don't understand the security warnings displayed when I try to download an ActiveX control.Troubleshooting Problems with Viewing Certain Web Sites471
What do the most common website error messages mean?Dealing with Website Error Messages474
I want to save a web page as a document so I can view it or email it at a later time.

Sidebar: Grabbing the Troubleshooting Information You Need the Easy Way

My browser keeps crashing

Sidebar: Stopping Browser Crashes without Deleting Vital Information

I've just moved, and I need to change the dial-up number I use to connect to the Internet.The Dial-Up Networking General Tab480
I use a dial-up Internet connection in various locations, and I don't want to keep entering the dial-up number every time.The Dial-Up Networking General Tab480
I'm having a hard time connecting to my dial-up provider, or the connection drops out when I'm reading my emailThe Dial-Up Networking Options Tab482
I need to configure my dial-up or PPPoE Internet connection to use a fixed IP address.Using a Fixed IP Address with a Dial-Up or PPPoE Broadband Connection in Windows XP534
I need to configure my cable modem, DSL modem or wireless Internet connection with a fixed IP address.Using a Fixed IP Address with a LAN, Cable Modem or Fixed Wireless Connection in Windows XP535
I need to configure a computer on the network with a fixed IP address.Using a Fixed IP Address with a LAN, Cable Modem or Fixed Wireless Connection in Windows XP535
When I try to connect to the Internet with my modem, there's no dial tone.Modem Has No Dial Tone484
My computer dials, but I never connect with the remote computer.PC Can Dial but Does Not Connect485
I get a “port already open” error when I try to connect to the Internet with my modem.Port Already Open/Modem in Use by Another Application487
I'm not sure my modem is working.Troubleshooting Dial-Up Modem Hardware484
I'm not sure my network cables are plugged in properly.Troubleshooting a Broadband Internet Connection490
I'm not sure the connections to my cable modem are working.Troubleshooting a Cable Modem Connection490
I'm having problems with my DSL connection to the Internet.Troubleshooting a DSL Connection492
I'm having problems with my DirecWAY, Starband, or other satellite Internet connection.Troubleshooting a Satellite Connection494
The signal lights on my broadband Internet modem don't look right.Using Signal Lights to Troubleshoot Your Connection494
I'm not sure what settings are needed for my home network.Troubleshooting Network Software Configuration495
I connect to the Internet through a router, and I've lost my connection.Troubleshooting Routers and Gateways524
I need to find out what Internet settings my computer is using.Using IPCONFIG536
How do I use PING to test my Internet connection?Using PING538
How can I find out if my network adapter is working?Troubleshooting Network Adapter Installations506
How can I check my cabling?Troubleshooting Cabling510
I connected my computer to the Uplink port on a switch or router and now I can't connect to the Internet.Troubleshooting Cabling510
I'm having problems adding a computer to my wireless network.Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Networks Using the Windows XP SP2 Wireless Network Setup Wizard512 521
Can I use an 802.11a wireless network adapter with an 801.11b or 802.11g network?

Sidebar: Wi-Fi Isn't Completely Standard

I can't get a CardBus or PC Card network adapter to work in my notebook computer.Troubleshooting PC Card/CardBus Devices531
I can access the Internet, but I can't see other computers or shared resources on the network.I'm Not Sure My Network Settings Are Correct499
I want a fast way to fix common problems with Windows XP's Internet and network connections.Troubleshooting Your Network/Internet Connections Using Net Diagnostics541 541
I can't use File and Printer Sharing when I enable the Windows XP Firewall.SP2 Firewall Exceptions543
I need to reset the Windows XP Firewall to its default settings.SP2 Firewall Advanced Settings545
How do I use PING to check my connection to the Internet?Using TCP/IP Diagnostics to Troubleshoot Your Connection Using PING536 538
How do I use IPCONFIG to check my network configuration?Using TCP/IP Diagnostics to Troubleshoot Your Connection Using IPCONFIG536 536

Once upon a time, the hardware, software, and methods used to connect computers were divided into two distinct categories:



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