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SymptomFlowchart or Book SectionSee Page
My DV camcorder isn't recognized by my PC.Troubleshooting Camera and 1394a Port Recognition Issues358
My DV camcorder is recognized by my PC, but it doesn't work with my video-editing programTroubleshooting Video-Editing Software Problems.360
My DV camcorder capture has been very slow since my system was updated to Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Sidebar: Fixing XP's SP2 1394a Slowdown Woes

I can't use Windows XP Movie Maker 2.1 since I installed other DV-editing or DVD-viewing software.Troubleshooting Video-Editing Software Problems360
The AutoPlay menu doesn't appear when I connect my DV camcorder, flash memory card, or digital camera.Troubleshooting AutoPlay Problems368
My digital camera isn't recognized, even as a removable-media drive.Troubleshooting Digital Camera and USB Port/Hub Problems366
How do I add a program to the AutoPlay list?Fixing Problems with AutoPlay Handlers371
I accidentally formatted my flash memory card. Can I retrieve my data?Preventing and Troubleshooting Data Loss in Digital Cameras374
My photos are not stored in My Photos.How can I set the folder to display thumbnails or a filmstrip view?Troubleshooting File-Viewing Problems377
How do I connect my camera to a camera or printer dock?Troubleshooting Problems with Camera and Printer Docks379
My images are being cropped when I print them with my printer dock. How can I avoid this?Troubleshooting Printing Problems with Printer Docks380
My printer dock isn't working.My Printer or Camera Dock Doesn't Work (Flowchart)678
How do I make sure my flash memory card reader is not accessing data before I disconnect it?Troubleshooting Safely Remove Hardware384
I'm having problems playing DVD movies.Troubleshooting DVD Playback386
I can't play the soundtrack to my movie through my home theater system, even though the S/PDIF cable is connected to my sound card.Can't Use Advanced Speaker Systems with Your DVD Player390
What's the best screen setting to use for viewing movies?Troubleshooting Aspect Ratio and Screen Resolution Settings392
I can't format the SD card inserted into my MP3 player.Troubleshooting Capacity Issues with Your MP3 Player394
I can't play music from some online music sources in my player.Troubleshooting DRM Problems with Your MP3 Player397
My scanner won't scan.Common Problems and Solutions for Scanners400
 Scanner Problems (Flowchart)677
I'm having problems with a USB scanner.Troubleshooting USB Scanners402
I'm having problems with an IEEE-1394a scanner.Troubleshooting IEEE-1394a Scanners402
How can I improve scan quality?Troubleshooting Scan Quality Problems403
 Scanner Problems (Flowchart)677
Can I replace my scanning software?

Sidebar: Better Scanning from Better Software


Increasingly, today's PCs are the hub of family entertainment. They're used to edit videos, play DVDs, scan photos, download or convert digital music, and much more. If you're having problems enjoying the multimedia features of your PC, you've come to the right place. Put down the popcorn and let's get started!



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