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My computer slows down when two or more programs are open.Troubleshooting Slow System Performance549
I want to defragment my drive, but Windows says there's not enough free disk space.

Sidebar: Freeing Up Space For Better Defragging

I want to install more memory in my system, but there aren't any empty memory sockets left.Freeing Up Sockets for Additional Memory574
I installed new memory, but the system didn't detect it.Troubleshooting Memory Upgrade Problems575
Some of my installed memory doesn't seem to be working.Troubleshooting Defective Memory or Memory Sockets578
My computer started beeping after I installed new memory.Troubleshooting Memory with POST Beep Codes581
I'm not sure if my processor fan is running properly.Detecting Overheating and Incorrect Voltage Levels583
I'm not sure if my system can use a faster processor.Discovering Your Current Processor and BIOS Version589
My computer is slow. What should I upgrade first?

Sidebar: What to Upgrade First

Where should I plug in the fan on the processor's heatsink?I'm Having a Hard Time Installing My New Processor594
I just installed a new processor and now my system won't start.My System Won't Start After I Installed a New Processor599
My processor is not running at its marked speed.My New Processor Isn't Running as Fast as It Should600
I don't know what sizes of motherboards will fit in my case.Making Sure Your New Motherboard Will Fit Into Your Case603
After I replaced the motherboard, my system started beeping.My System Beeps Abnormally After I Restart It with the New Motherboard in Place609
My system keeps overheating.Troubleshooting Cooling Problems610
The heatsink on my motherboard's North Bridge chip has failed. How do I replace it?Preventing Overheating Damage to the Motherboard611



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