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SymptomFlowchart or Book SectionSee Page
Pointing device pointer won't move.General Pointing Device Problems699
Pointing device pointer movement is erratic.Using Other Methods to Diagnose Problems with Input Devices, Using Device Manager to Troubleshoot a PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard451 440
The basic functions of my pointing device or keyboard work OK, but the extra buttons and scroll wheel don't work.Using Device Manager to Troubleshoot USB Input Devices433
The pointing device integrated into my portable computer doesn't work.Pointing Device Problems in a Portable PC702
My PS/2 (6-pin mini-DIN) keyboard or mouse doesn't work.My PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse Doesn't Work696
None of the keys on my keyboard work.No Keys on the Keyboard Work698
Some keys don't work on my keyboard.Some Keys on the Keyboard Don't Work697
I have an IEEE-1394 (FireWire, i.Link) port installed, but my system can't detect it.Can't Detect Installed IEEE-1394 Port Enabling 1394 Ports706 430
My wireless input or pointing device doesn't work.Wireless Input and Pointing Device Problems703
 Troubleshooting Problems with Wireless Input Devices438
I'm having a problem with a device connected to the IEEE-1394 port.IEEE-1394 Device Troubleshooting707
I'm having problems with an IEEE-1394 port.Table 7.1428
The Device Manager lists an I/O port or device with a problem.I/O Port Is Detected but Not Working Properly704
I'm having a problem with a device connected to my parallel port.Parallel Port Troubleshooting708
I'm having a problem with a device connected to the USB port.USB Device Troubleshooting705
I just bought an adapter to connect my mouse to a different type of port. Why doesn't it work?

Sidebar: When (and Why) Adapters Don't Always Work

I just connected a bus-powered USB device to a USB hub, and it doesn't work.Troubleshooting USB Hub Power Problems425
Whenever I move my mouse around the desktop, it drags objects, even if I'm not holding down the left button.Table 7.4449
I want to switch the mouse buttons around.Table 7.4449
I'm having problems double-clicking objects.Table 7.4449
I'm having a hard time seeing the mouse pointer.Table 7.4449
The mouse pointer is too fast or too slow.Table 7.4449
The scroll wheel on the mouse scrolls too slowly or too quickly.Table 7.4449
I plugged a mouse from another computer into the PS/2 port, but it doesn't work.Using the System BIOS to Solve Problems with PS/2 Pointing Devices446
My USB keyboard works fine in Windows, but it doesn't work within the BIOS setup.Using the System BIOS to Solve Problems with USB Devices438
I'm not sure how to configure my serial ports to avoid conflicts.Preventing IRQ Conflicts Involving Serial Ports460
How do I re-enable a disabled serial or parallel port?Troubleshooting a Disabled Parallel or Serial Port456
What's the difference between a USB root hub and a generic hub?

Sidebar: A Fast Introduction to USB Terminology

My system is supposed to have USB 2.0 ports, but my USB 2.0 device is working at USB 1.1 speeds only.Troubleshooting USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB) Support418
My USB or IEEE-1394a device works fine when I plug it into a rear port, but not when I plug it into a front port.Troubleshooting IEEE-1394 Ports and Hubs427

Sidebar: Connecting Front-Mounted Header Cables Is Trial by Error

I'm having problems with a USB input device (mouse or keyboard).Table 7.2433
I'm having problems with a PS/2 keyboard or mouse.Table 7.3441



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