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Above all, I thank God for the opportunity to learn, to share what I know, and to keep learning. He expects each of us to make the most of what He's given us, and with His help, I do my utmost to live up to His gifts.

My family continues to be a source of inspiration, joy, and real-life computer troubleshooting experience. Thanks to Cheryl, who reminds me to take time to enjoy being a grandparent. Thanks to Kate and Hugh and their children, Jarvis and Linus, for reminding me that there's more to life than computers. Thanks to Edward and Erin, Ian, and Jeremy for keeping me up to date on technology and life.

Thanks very much to Leo Laporte for the opportunity to team up with one of the most recognizable faces in technology.

Thanks as always to the terrific team at Que. I've worked with them on book projects since 1999, and it continues to be a pleasure. In particular, my thanks go to:

Greg Wiegand, who has built and maintained a great organization.

Rick Kughen, who conceived the original vision for this book and helped make it even better with his questions and queries.

Charlotte Clapp, who helped keep all of us in line.

Dan Knott, for keeping the author reviews flowing.

Bart Reed, for correcting grammar.

Erika Millen, for helping you find what you need.

Tracy Donhardt, for keeping the cross-references pointing to the right pages.

Mark Reddin, for verifying technical issues and suggesting improvements.

Sharry Lee Gregory, for keeping those advance checks coming.

Ann Jones, for making the cover and interior design attractive and useful.

Gareth Branwyn, for reviewing the text.

And the rest of the team at Que, who pioneered technology publishing over 20 years ago and has kept pioneering ever since.

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