Nurse your PC back to health with a little help from Leo Laporte. Leo Laporte's PC Help Desk in a Book uses a unique, medical dictionary approach, complete with symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for all of your common and not-so-common PC maladies. Flow-charts will help you correctly diagnose and treat such problems as:

  • Windows installation woes

  • Storage device tragedies

  • Printer problems

  • Pesky audio, video and general multimedia mayhem

  • Keyboard and mouse afflictions

  • Home networking headaches

  • Core PC hardware issues

  • Application failures

  • Viruses, spyware and spam infections

  • Don't waste time digging through paperwork only to find a tech-support line that is going to cost you an arm and a leg to cure your PC's ailments. Make your own house calls instead with Leo Laporte's PC Help Desk in a Book.

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