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Chapter 10. Using the Address Book > Address Book Options

Address Book Options

Like most other applications on the handheld, the Address Book has several options that can change the way you interact with it. You can get to the Address Book Options screen by clicking the Options menu item from the Address list (see Figure 10.10).

  • Sort By— The first option allows you to change how the Address list is sorted when it is displayed. You can change this option to First Name, Last Name, or Company by pressing the Space key or clicking the Change Option menu item.


    If you run into a situation where you have two people in your Address Book with identical names, you will either have to disable duplicate name filtering, or add something to one of the names to allow it pass the filter. For example, if you have two entries for “John Smith,” simply add a middle initial to one, or add some other character to the first or last name to make it unique.

  • Confirm Delete— The second option allows you disable the confirmation dialog when you delete an address. Change the option to No to disable the dialog. If you choose to disable the confirm dialog, be very careful to select the item you want to get rid of before clicking the Delete menu item. You cannot undo a Delete operation.

  • Allow Duplicate Names— The last option allows you to have the software allow or disallow entries that have the same name. Since multiple entries for the same contact can be confusing, it is probably a good idea to change the default Yes setting to No. Only the first and last names are used to check for duplicates. When you save an entry, the first and last names are checked. If there is a duplicate, a dialog is shown telling you that a duplicate already exists in the Address Book and the entry is not saved.



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