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Access the Call Log

You might not realize it, but the Treo phone keeps a history of every call that's made and received. You can access this listing of calls, known as the call log, easily to review and return calls. To access and use the call log, follow these steps:

Tap the Call Log favorite near the bottom of the Phone screen, or press the Phone/Send button and select Call Log from the top of the call history. The Call Log screen appears (see Figure 7.14).

Figure 7.14. The Call Log screen displays a detailed history of calls made and received on your Treo.


The call log is a comprehensive listing of calls made and received. This list is different from the call history, which is a brief listing of recent calls that you can access quickly by pressing the Phone/Send button.

The calls listed in the call log have small icons to the left that indicate whether the call was made (left arrow), received (right arrow), or missed (dim right arrow). You can tap any call in the call log to dial the number. Or select a call in the log and press the Details button, which shows information about the call, including the name and number of the caller, the date, the time, and whether your phone was roaming for the call.


You can change the font for the call log by pressing the Menu button, navigating over to the Options menu, and then scrolling and selecting the Font command.

You can delete individual entries from the call log by selecting a call, pressing the Menu button, and then scrolling to select the Delete Item command from the Record menu. If you'd like to clear out the entire call log at once, select the Purge command from the same menu.

When you're finished with the call log, tap the Cancel button to return to the main Phone screen.



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