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Chapter 8. Staying In Touch with Email > Tweak Advanced VersaMail Settings

Tweak Advanced VersaMail Settings

The VersaMail application has a few additional settings that haven't been touched on yet. The first of these settings relates to how email messages are delivered to your device. Follow these steps to modify the VersaMail delivery options:

Press the Menu button, navigate over to the Options menu, and scroll down to select the Preferences command. The Preferences screen appears, as shown earlier in Figure 8.9.

Tap Delivery Options to open the Delivery Options screen (see Figure 8.23).

Figure 8.23. The Delivery Options screen includes a variety of options for controlling exactly how email messages are delivered to your device.

The Get option is somewhat of an optimization to minimize the amount of data transferred when delivering messages. You can choose to get entire messages or just message subjects. The Ask Every Time check box is a manual override for the Get option; if selected, it causes a screen to be displayed each time you get mail that prompts you to get entire messages or subjects.

The Get Only settings apply only to IMAP email accounts and allow you to indicate that you want to get only unread messages, as opposed to all messages on the server. You can also specify that you want to get mail only within a certain time frame, from as small as a day to as large as a month.

The Download Attachments setting causes attachments to be downloaded automatically. However, the total message size (including attachments) must still fall below the maximum message size for the attachment to download automatically. Otherwise, you have to explicitly get the entire message. The maximum message size defaults to 5KB, but you can raise it up to nearly 5MB (5,000KB, to be exact). This size limits only the amount of email data that's retrieved automatically; you can always perform a “get” on a specific message to download it in its entirety, even if it's larger than the maximum size.

The last setting in the Delivery Options screen relates to the format of email messages. More specifically, you can specify whether messages are retrieved as plain text or with HTML formatting supported. The default setting preserves HTML formatting for the display of messages in VersaMail. However, regardless of this setting, VersaMail always sends messages as plain text even if they were received with HTML formatting; the HTML formatting is stripped out of sent messages.


Although an entire message with attachments can be as large as 5,000KB, the actual text of a message can't be larger than 60KB.

When you're satisfied with any email delivery changes, tap the OK button to return to the VersaMail Preferences screen.



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