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Visit a Web Page

Accessing the wireless Web is truly one of the most exciting facets of any smartphone, and the Treo makes this prospect particularly compelling, given its relatively high screen resolution (320×320). Blazer is the standard Web browser on Treo devices, and it does a good job of allowing you to view both mobile-specific and general websites designed for full-sized computers. To visit a web page by using the Blazer Web browser on your Treo, follow these steps:

If the mobile radio isn't turned on, hold down the Power/End button until you hear a tone and a screen appears that indicates you're being connected to the wireless network.

After you are connected to the network, press the Option key followed by the Phone/Send button to launch the Blazer Web browser. The web page for your wireless service provider will likely open by default.


As a shortcut for entering the URL of a web page you'd like to visit, tap the Earth icon in the Blazer toolbar to open the Go to Web Page screen, or just tap the address bar of the Blazer browser and enter the URL directly in it. If you enter the URL directly in the address bar, tap the Go button to open the page.

To visit a different page, press the Menu button, scroll over once to the Go menu, and then scroll to select the Go to Web Page menu item. Press the Center button to issue the menu command and open the Go to Web Page screen, as shown in Figure 2.17.

Figure 2.17. The Go to Web Page screen enables you to enter a URL for a web page to visit, and it includes several helper boxes for entering common URL components.

Enter the URL of the web page you want to visit by typing it on the keyboard. You can use the helper boxes just above the text entry area for common parts of the URL, such as the www. at the beginning and the .com at the end.

When you're finished entering the URL, tap the OK button to accept it and open the page in the browser. Figure 2.18 shows the splash page for my website (http://www.michaelmorrison.com/) open in Blazer.

Figure 2.18. The web page you specified opens in the Blazer Web browser and displays as best it can, given the limited screen size.



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