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Chapter 13. Listening to Digital Music > Tweak the RealPlayer Preferences

Tweak the RealPlayer Preferences

There are a handful of preferences you need to know about for digital music and the RealPlayer application. Follow these steps to adjust preferences for RealPlayer:

Tap the Menu button to open the RealPlayer menu, and then navigate over to the Options menu. Scroll down to and select the Preferences command. The RealPlayer Preferences screen appears, as shown in Figure 13.7.

Figure 13.7. The RealPlayer Preferences screen has options for determining how the RealPlayer application plays MP3 songs.

The first option in the RealPlayer Preferences screen relates to the auto-powersave feature, which automatically turns off the screen after a specified period of time. This setting allows you to continue listening to music without the added battery drain of the screen. You can set it to values in the range of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

The Enable Background Playback option determines whether songs continue to play in the background when you leave the RealPlayer application. Unless you find that background song playing is affecting the performance of other applications, you'll probably want to leave this option enabled.


You can use the Side button on the Treo to play and pause music in RealPlayer. Additionally, you can use the Up and Down buttons on the five-way navigator to adjust the volume; use the Left and Right buttons to move to the previous and next songs, respectively.

The last RealPlayer option simply determines what media player serves as the default player for MP3 music files. If you have another media player installed, you can use this option to decide which player gets called on to play MP3 songs.

When you're finished with the RealPlayer preferences, tap the OK button to close the screen and commit the changes.



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