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Edit Task Preferences

The Tasks application includes several preferences that can be tweaked to alter the sorting and display of tasks in the main task list. To change the preferences for the Tasks application, follow these steps:

Press the Menu button and navigate over to the Options menu. Then scroll down to the Preferences menu item and press the Center button on the five-way navigator (or tap the Preferences menu item). The Preferences screen appears, as shown in Figure 6.26.

Figure 6.26. The Preferences screen includes several settings for customizing the look and feel of the task list.

The Sort By option presents a pick list of settings that control the order of tasks in the task list. You can sort the task list by priority, due date, category, and various combinations of these task properties.

Other options in the Preferences screen include check boxes for hiding or showing completed tasks, due dates, priorities, and categories. One option that doesn't directly affect the appearance of the task list is Record Completion Date, which records the completion date of finished tasks as the due date for the tasks. In other words, the due date of the task is automatically altered to match the actual completion date.

The last option in the Preferences screen is Alarm Sound, which enables you to customize the alarm sound played for a task alarm. Tap the Alarm Sound pick list to select a different alarm sound.

When you're finished setting the task preferences, tap OK to accept the changes and return to the main Tasks application.



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