Communicating with Text and Multimedia Messages 212 Figure 9.15. The Chat tab in the Preferences screen enables you to tweak preferences that apply specifically to chat threads. 5. 6. The first setting determines how a text message gets turned into a chat thread that resembles an instant-messaging conversation. The default setting creates a chat thread only when you reply to a message. Other options result in a chat thread being created never or always, re- gardless of whether you reply to the message. The Show Timestamps in Chats option instructs the Messaging application to show the date and time of each message in a chat thread. This setting can be handy if you have a chat thread that continues over long periods. Otherwise, it could be more of an annoyance for brief chats. Below the timestamp setting is a setting for changing how your name appears in the chat win- dow. Keep in mind that this name affects only your end of the chat, so it isn't terribly important other than distinguishing your messages from the person with whom you're chatting.