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Chapter 10. Browsing the Wireless Web > Access the Browser History

Access the Browser History

A common part of the Web experience is navigating forward and backward among pages you've visited. This list of visited pages is stored in a special place in the browser known as the browser history. From this list, you can revisit any page. To access the browser history in the Blazer application, follow these steps:

Press the Menu button, and then scroll down to and select the History menu command. (The History screen is also available from the Go to Web Page screen.) The History screen opens, as shown in Figure 10.4.

Figure 10.4. The History screen in the Blazer browser contains a list of all recently visited web pages.


As in a desktop browser, you can tap a file link to download a file to your Treo device. If you have a memory card installed, you are prompted to choose whether to download the file to the memory card or the main device memory. It's worth pointing out that the Blazer browser has a 2MB limit on the size of files that can be downloaded. If you find this limit to be a serious problem, you might want to consider using a third-party browser, such as Xiino or WebViewer.

The History screen lists all recently viewed web pages. Use the scrollbar or the Up and Down buttons on the five-way navigator to scroll through the pages in the list. You can tap any page in the list to immediately navigate to that page in the browser; the History screen automatically closes if you navigate to a page in the history list.

If you'd like to clear the history list, just tap the Clear All button in the History screen. You can also save a page in the history list as a bookmark by tapping the Bookmark button. You are then prompted to add the page as a new bookmark; more on bookmarks in the next section.

When you're finished with the history list, tap the Cancel button to return to the main browser screen.



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