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Chapter 18. Securing Your Wi-Fi Network > Setting Up a VPN - Pg. 298

Securing Your Wi-Fi Network 298 Firewalls enable a network administrator to determine which clients inside a network can access network resources and which ports can be used from outside the network to access the network. In case you are wondering, a network port is a logical endpoint on the network. The port number identifies the kind of traffic that uses the port. For example, port 80 is used to connect to a Web server using the HTTP protocol. Effectively, firewalls can be used to isolate portions of a network topology from the rest of the network and from the Internet. This is another way of saying that you can use a firewall to limit access both to and from the Internet. Within a wireless access point, IP filtering can be used as a gateway to control access to your private network. In addition, the firewall application built in to many access points (the D-Link AirPlus Fire- wall Rules screen is shown in Figure 18.3) can be used to let traffic (or not let traffic) pass through the access point.