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Chapter 9. Using the iPod’s Calendar, Co... > Planning Your Days with the iPod Cal... - Pg. 134

Using the iPod's Calendar, Contact Manager, and Other Non-Music Tools 134 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. You can't set the iPod's alarm for more than 24 hours from the current time, which is just like a typical bedside clock. When the correct alarm time is set, press the Select button. You'll return to the Alarm Clock menu. Highlight Sound. By default, the alarm sound setting will be Beep, which you can hear even if you don't have earphones or speakers connected to the iPod. If you choose a different sound, you have to have speakers or headphones attached to the iPod to hear the alarm. If you want to have a playlist start playing instead, press the Select button. You'll see a list of playlists on your iPod. Highlight the playlist you want to use as the alarm sound and press the Select button. You'll return to the Alarm Clock menu, and the name of the selected list will be shown as the Sound setting. Press the Menu button. You'll return to the Clock display. A bell icon will appear on the right side of the time to indicate that the alarm is set. When the appointed time comes along, your iPod will turn on and play the beep sound or the selected playlist. Unless you are an incredibly light sleeper, don't expect the Beep sound to wake you up. It isn't very loud, and it doesn't play very long. You'll have better luck if you connect your iPod to speakers and use a playlist instead. Planning Your Days with the iPod Calendar You can use an iPod to display a calendar, and you can add events on a calendar application, such as Outlook or iCal, to the iPod calendar so that you can view those events. The iPod's calendar isn't